Indico Systems - The Leading Provider of Evidential Solutions

Indico Systems’ software solutions are globally changing the way industries record audio and video as well as how they mobilize their recordings in a secure, efficient and productive manner.

Indico System has more than fifteen years’ experience in developing, integrating and testing secure recording solutions. For the criminal justice sector, Indico Systems has helped to improve the performance in suspect, witness and victim interviewing processes. More than 100 customers around the world, including police forces, children’s safe houses, courts, military, hospitals, audit firms as-well-as the UN rely on our solutions to provide accurate documentation of their operations. Indico Systems was established in 2000, and have offices in Great Britain, Norway and Estonia.

ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 certificate proves that Indico Systems’ quality management is certified under the standard for quality management and its sub-categories. With this certification, our customers and partners can be assured that we have the necessary internal procedures to meet demanding obligations of our management. 

By complying with the ISO:9001 procedures, the company reduces its errors in all fields of operations but also prevents errors from occurring and reoccurring by identifying potential sources and grant the opportunity to implement improvement measures. Such error reduction provides us with the benefit of cost savings without compromising our flexibility.

The internationally recognized ISO 9001 standard is generic. It is not a product standard but a standard that can be used in any commercial activity. It was developed by ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) to set international requirements for a management system for quality management. The standard is process oriented and focuses on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. It is suitable for all business processes that affect quality.

Download Indico Systems’ ISO certificate

Environmental Policy

All human behaviour affects the environment, and the operations of Indico Systems is no exception. Indico Systems continuously strives to minimise its environmental footprint by balancing the concerns for the environment and the consideration of the development of its products: economical and aesthetic value together with a long life span.

Indico Systems will openly discuss environmental issues related to the company’s operations and endeavour the environmental responsibilities to the communities we operate in. This furthermore implies to act promptly and responsibly to correct incidents or conditions that endanger health, safety, or the environment but also report such to responsible authorities as swiftly as possible. We wish to be a part of a sustainable global development and view our activities within a life cycle perspective – as a minimum; Indico Systems will always comply with national and international environmental requirements.