• Indico to join the 11th IiiRG-Conference in Porto

    Indico Systems' will join this year's IiiRG Conference and Masterclass in the beautiful city of Porto, Portugal.               - Come meet us while we are there (4-6 July)! 
  • ATEA and Indico Systems expands its portfolio

    During the last working days of 2017, ATEA announced that they won the regional tender for delivering Interview Recorder’s and Evidence Server (DEMS/DAM) to a national Finnish hospital.
  • PRESS RELEASE: New partnership in Finland

    Helsinki, Finland and Grimstad, Norway. Indico Systems, the market-leading manufacturer of Digital Interview Recording software has today announced an exciting new partnership with the highly regarded and well renowned Finnish integrator ATEA. The agreement involves the integration, support and distribution of Indico System’s new and highly innovative, high-end software product range, and will stabilise and strengthen Indico Systems’ footprint in the Finnish market.

  • Indico to the 10th IiiRG-Conference

    Indico Systems' will in July cross the pond to take place in the 10th IiiRG Annual Conference and Masterclass in California, US.               - Come meet us while we are there (5-6 July)! 
  • Indico 2K17 Roadshow

    It's a wrap - the 2017 version of the Indico Systems' Roadshow has come to and end!!

    This years Indico Roadshow edition was the longest and hardest roadshow we've ever preformed. When we sat out from our Norwegian offices....