ATEA and Indico Systems expands its portfolio

During the last working days of 2017, ATEA announced that they won the regional tender for delivering Interview Recorder’s and Evidence Server (DEMS/DAM) to a national Finnish hospital. The winning tender utilized the well-fitted functionality in the Indico Systems platform to deliver tools required in the modern Child Psychiatry department.

“The … hospital’s child psychiatry department’s tender requested police graded applications that could serve as both a tool in the police’s investigation of child abuse and as a tool for internal quality control. I believe the Indico Systems’ platform, with Indico Recorder’s and Indico Digital Evidence Server, outran the competitors and secured a good win in the tendering process” says the humble Aaro Suominen, the Solution Manager at ATEA.

We at Indico are extremely satisfied with ATEA Finland’s big win. We know that having ATEA on-board enables us to deliver our interview recorders and evidence servers on an enterprise level, and that this was a huge factor to secure the win in the finalising stages.

We know this is only the first of many and look forward to the future – congratulations! 


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