Product Release: Indico Mobile Recorder

Only weeks after our first official Product Release in 2017, we follow up with yet another product release: the Indico Mobile Recorder.

The Indico Mobile Recorder is the first publicly available mobile application from Indico Systems. The application is for now limited to Audio Interviews and only available for Android devices - but don't worry, the Indico Mobile Recorder will soon be able to record HD-videos on both Android and iOS devices! 

For more information on the new application and new functionalities please contact Indico Systems’ support-team (


Indico Mobile Recorder is a quality sound recorder designed for the policing and justice sector, but also suit any interview related recording situations. Indico Mobile Recorder differs from the rest with its secure storage work-flow. With this, you restrict file transfers to only when manually initiating it from within the app.

   Indico Mobile Recorder-skjermdump    Indico Mobile Recorder-skjermdump

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