Product Release: Indico Recorder

Product Release

Following the 2017 celebration, Indico Systems are proud to announce the first official product release of our new Digital Interview Recording (DIR) application – simply named the Indico Recorder! This new application is a merger of previous DIR applications – extracting only the most successful functionalities and user interfaces – making this our best DIR application and possibly the best on the market today!

To celebrate the release of our 4th generation Indico Recorder, we have added a set of new functionality that we hope will excite new and existing customers. We have added both Multi-Channel Audio Recording and In-video Zoom to equip users with extremely capable audio and video analysis tools – and much more!

Taking into account that we originally planned this in the end of Q1, I must say that I am very proud of our Development team. This is a result of determination and hard work! ”
–Fredrik Østereng – CEO, Indico Systems

For more information on the new application and new functionalities please contact Indico Systems’ support-team (


Best Regards,
Dev-team and HQ

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