Indico Assessment Tool

The words ‘interview’ and ‘investigation’ have been inextricably linked for centuries. Until comparatively recently, the definition of ‘interview’ within this context was a coercive interrogation through which to gain a confession.

Over the last 40 years, however, researchers, practitioners and law makers within the UK have changing the meaning of interviewing. Rather than a one dimensional confession focused approach, investigative interviewing is now a multi faceted highly skilled discipline, with a culture of continuous improvement.

As a result, the UK is seen as a world leader in this area, with numerous countries keen to adapt UK practice as globalisation increases pressure for improved human rights. This situation creates attractive global commercial opportunities for companies associated with UK investigative interviewing. One such opportunity is presented by a unique and completely original interview assessment tool called Indico Interview Assessment Tool based on the Griffiths Question Map or GQM©.

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Indico Interview Assessment Tool Features:

  • The system gives resolution to a unique, completely original and proven training, assessment and review tool.
  • During playback of any recording the user will be able to grade the different questions and stages of the interview with numbers and hotkeys.
  • Based on the usergrading the Indico Interview Assessment Tool will output information about the quality of the conducted interview and guide the user on the way to be a better interviewer.
  • The input is done by hotkeys and is very easy to use. The output information and results will be presented graphical and with a very easy presentation to understand where to potentially improve.

Download Indico Interview Assessment Tool Brochure