Indico Audio Import

The Indico Audio Import gives the user the ability to collect, share and forward data securely from their mobile recorders, e.g. Dictaphones or mobile phones. The software is an in-depth application, installed on a Windows PC platform, which ensures the management and storage of evidence/interviews in a common archive structure and with a user-friendly Interface.

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Indico Audio Import features:

  • Import, edit and burn/store in one application
  • Imports of standard audio formats.
  • Support for Dictaphones and mobile phones.
  • Intuitive and flexible user interface.
  • Easily access of historic imports/recordings.



Save time and money by streamlining your data entry and report generating process. Indico Audio Import eliminates the need for duplicate entries of multiple applications; once the data is entered, it is instantly available to the other components in the Indico software suite.


The user can through Indico Audio Import, attach files and add bookmarks; enabling a wide variety of information held in a central location.


Thanks to the software’s bookmarking functionality and support for standard formats, i.e. MP3/WMA/.dss, subsequent reviews and transcriptions are compressed into a simple process on any Windows PC or tablet.


Indico Audio Import provides the user multiple exportation options, either burning to CD/DVD or file transfers to external storage devices. In addition, the user can select to choose exportation of only audio or portions of it such that transcriptions, attorneys or other parties receive only relevant information. Lastly but not least, the software will log all activities related to each session for security reasons as well as a complementation reasons for auditing procedures.

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