Indico Player

The Indico Player is a unique playback solution for transcribers, attorneys and other users of any type of Indico recordings. The Indico player is a light and versatile media player that can be installed on any Windows based PC for permanent use or made runable from written CDs/DVDs created by the Indico Recorders for temporarily use. When installed on your PC, the Indico Player will automatically detect the type of disc and load the available session data in a separate window similar to the session tree in Indico Recorder.

The Indico Player is the only media player that complements and successfully manages to navigate through the bookmarks made during the interview. It also features footpedals and hotkeys for an efficient and seamless workflow with known actions like Froward and Rewind as well as navigate to next bookmark, track, file or Chapter.

Indico Player v3.3.0.5

Indico Player features:

  • Runable from originally burnt DVD/CD made by any Indico recorder
  • Session data to enable users to navigate in the recording with footpedals and hotkeys
  • Take snapshots of during playback
  • Adjustable offset functionality to customize automatic rewind period to maximize user efficiency

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