Indico Recorder

Indico Recorder ... a proven, intuitive and reliant application to digitally record interviews, court hearings, and more!

Indico Recorder provide accurate recordings of all sorts of difficult interview situations. The ideal solution for replacing out-dated ,proprietary and prone to failure technology/solutions. Available as a standalone solution, or can be connected to Indico Digital Evidence Server that allows for a fully networked solution.

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Indico Recorder features:

  • Multi-channel audio recording (NEW)
  • DVD password protection (NEW)
  • Non-proprietary
  • Intuitive and flexible user interface
  • Ensure authenticity of recordings
  • In-app PTZ-control (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras
  • Local or remote bookmarking/snapshot capability
  • Available in different modes (VideoAudio and Audio Import (read more - Indico Audio Import)).
  • User defined visual Watermark
  • Bundled with Indico Player
  • Automatic deletion of recordings and retention policies
  • Multilingual
  • +++

Download Indico Recorder Brochure