Indico Server

Indico [Digital Evidence] Server ... finally a case management server that tasks the complete management of all digital evidence!

Central to our design of the Indico Digital Evidence Server (IDES) has been to build a lightweight, relevant and user-friendly platform without compromises – built on an open architecture with a complete “Chain-of-Custody”; the IDES ensures the best combination of security and user-friendliness evidence server on the market!

Indico Server features:

  • DVD password protection (NEW)
  • Support for all digital evidence – from video recordings to documents
  • Transcription Management Tool
  • Securely grant internal and external access to live recording streams and archived evidence
  • User defined permissions and settings through Active Directory (AD) and Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Editing tools for distortion of audio and pixilation of video
  • Distribute recordings easily and securely
  • Advance retention policies
  • Monitor all actions through our Chain-of-Custody
  • Customizable from A to Z
  • A complete Digital Asset Management System
  • +++

Download Indico Server Brochure in English (ENG)

Download Indico Server Broschüre in Deutsch (GER)

Contact us to get access to a full video demo of our evidence enterprise solution (DIRs and DEMS).