Police and Military

Whether you are looking to safeguard the integrity of evidence, interview a suspect, witness or victim or maybe prevent miscarriages of justice, Indico Systems can supply you the most secure and reliable solutions to record audio and video as well as complementary storage of all digital evidence.

Our Police and Military solution is targeted at providing reliable digital interview recordings and storage of all digital evidence – generated from Indico applications as well as from external sources. The solution is praised for maximum security together with the ease of use for all users on all levels – advanced to novice. 

Indico Ecosys 2017 Police

Our Police and Military Solution features:

  • Multi-channel audio recording (NEW)
  • Video recording in SD, HD or 4K
  • Record and store evidence and interviews on- or off-site
  • Minimize unproductive efforts
  • Ensure authenticity of each recording
  • Stream ongoing recordings to other authorities
  • Avoid miscarriages of Justice as-well-as provide accurate documentation
  • Build and create case folders
  • Integrate with your Custody Solution
  • Evaluate interviews validity and quality
  • Live streaming
  • Secure external distribution with options for distortion
  • Storage of all relevant digital files – e-mails, pictures, CCTV, documents, etc.
  • BodyCam integration (coming soon!)