Children’s Houses

Indico Systems could not agree more with the saying “the children are our future”. Therefore, we have developed the perfect recording solution for all interviewing operations with children: a solution that does not compromise the child’s opportunity to speak freely in a safe and friendly environment.

The optimal solution for child advocacy centres must secure that all verbal conversations and all movements is recorded securely and properly. In addition, it is crucial that the solution provides a safe and minimalistic layout without compromising the solution’s easy-of-use for the counsellors and other users. The delicate situations from point of entry to point of completion demand a secure and correct recording on the first try. Hence minimizing the number of times the child must go through the unpleasantries of explaining their experience(s) – recording the entire conversation the first time will imply full documentation without subsequent questioning.

These are just some of the highlights that have guided the development of our solution for child interviewing and we are proud to say that our solution has now become an integrated part of many children’s advocacy centres – from Scandinavia to Australia!

The Solution

The Indico Systems' Children’s Houses solution is a safe, minimalistic and comfortable solution for children – from the point of entry to the point of completion. Our solution aims at minimizing the number of times a child will have to go through the unpleasant situation of explaining physical, psychological or sexual abuse. In order to facilitate this, our software conducts a cyclic redundancy check every five seconds to ensure that audio- and/or video-feeds are captured correctly. Our solution furthermore utilizes technology to calculate a unique checksum for authentication purposes, e.g. authenticated by a prosecutor or judge, and hereby eliminate the ability to edit inadmissible portions or injustices. In addition, with today’s technology for capturing high-quality video and audio, the user is able to capture a child’s non-verbal communication. Finally, yet importantly, our solution can easily make an ongoing interview available to other relevant members, within a multi-disciplinary team, via a live stream to remote locations.

The Indico Children’s solution is also proven to securely complement the delicate nature of interviewing cases linked to domestic violence, sexual abuse and family therapy.

The Functionality

With the Indico Children’s Solution your advocacy is able to:

  • Eliminate recording failures
  • Ensure authenticity of each recording
  • Record in HD quality for superior details
  • Allow other authorities or members to securely stream an ongoing conversation
  • Child-friendly user interface that can be customized
  • Allow for bookmarks and comments during or replaying the recording
  • Options to integrate server storage and management – for interviews and other relevant documentation

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