Immigration and Border

The term globalization have since the 1980s defined the ongoing revolution in the convenient movements of foreign capital, information and merchandise, but the term also define the revolution in human travel; thanks to the changes in the global transportation system as well as softening of national and international migration policies, people can travel faster and more easily than ever before. Although these changes are and have been lucrative, they are constantly challenged by illegal passings of all sorts. The country’s border and immigration procedures have therefore become the number one procedure for maintaining the country’s as well as individual’s integrity.

To strengthen the country’s immigration and border control procedures, Indico Systems offer a range of products that strengthen current operations by recording audio and/or video in the context of immigration and customs investigations.

The Solution

Our Indico Immigration and Customs Solutions enables the user to easily, understandably and securely record video and/or audio. The solution is fully customizable with options to store all recorded material on secure servers without the worry of access from un-authorized people or personnel.

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The Functionality

Our Immigration and Customs features:

  • Recording and storage of all audio and video material
  • Easily distribute live/archived recordings
  • Import files such as evidence, audio or video material from external devices
  • Eliminate recording failures
  • Design your own user interface
  • Ensure authenticity of each recording
  • Pause and rewind during an ongoing recording
  • Export to DVD/CD or memory cards, store on centralized datacenter, extract sound, and much more
  • Avoid miscarriages of Justice as well as provide accurate documentation

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